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Terminating Wire

This course wraps up our discussion of fire alarm wire and wiring methods with a look at terminating wire. After completing this course, you should understand:

  • How much wire to leave at the box or in a panel
  • How to terminate wire on screw terminals, including removable terminal blocks
  • When to use bus bar
  • How to terminate wire with wire nuts and B connectors
  • How to terminate network cables
  • How to terminate resistors
  • How to connect batteries in a panel
  • Basic terminology for 110 VAC power

For this course, we would like to thank the following manufacturers for lending or donating products:

  • EST
  • Klein Tools
  • Wheelock
  • Windy City Wire

Estimated time to complete course: 45 minutes.

This course qualifies as 0.75 CPD points.

This course is available as part of the Fire Alarm 101 bundle.

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