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How Does Our Training Work?

Traditionally, skilled trades are passed along on-the-job. So how does it work to teach practical skills online via prerecorded videos?

We try to be thorough in our approach. Our lessons typically include background and a teaching of the "why." Those are areas that often get left out when teaching on-the-job.

When we teach skills, we often use multiple camera angles. We also do multiple takes so that we can get the right shots. Sometimes we change to a macro lens so we can show a good close-up of how to perform a task.

In addition to video-based lessons, we also use quizzes to check learner progress. Every course requires a passing grade on the final exam in order to receive the certificate of completion.

All available courses are visible on the Course Dashboard. From that page, you can view your progress and start or resume training.

Note that you can start and resume on any device. Progress is stored in the cloud. So for example, if you start a course on your laptop and leave in the middle, you could pick up on your cell phone later. We won't lose your place.

Next Steps

After a student has completed one of our courses, it is typically helpful for them to practice what they've learned. We suggest that students practice on their own and when they're ready, demonstrate their skills to a supervisor or more senior technician. If available, you could do this in a training room, but it also works to do this out on a job.

It may help to go through the course material more than once - especially if you're brand new to the industry. You can watch the videos at 1.5x speed if it starts getting boring. Try to get 100% on the quizzes and final exams.

How Do Teams Work?

If you purchase a course bundle with more than one license, you will have the ability to create a team. Visit the Add Students page to enroll team members.

Your students have access to every course you've purchased for them. They do not need any prior experience before starting.

On the Team Administrative Dashboard page, you can manage each of your team members.

Highlight top priorities by clicking the "Assign" button for important courses. The student will receive an email letting them know about the course assignment and their course dashboard will show which courses have been assigned.

Follow your students' progress. See how far along they are on each course and what their final exam grades are.

If you want someone else on your team to help manage the team, you can promote them to team leader.

You can also remove students from your team. Doing this will free up their license to be reassigned to someone else.

Pay attention to which courses your students have completed and ask them to show you what they learned. You'll gain an understanding of their capabilities and they'll gain a better understanding of the trade.

Try for Free

We want you to have confidence in our training before you purchase. Here's an opportunity for you to experience what it is like to go through our online courses.

This will also get you free access to our Resource Library. We have a a collection of fire alarm symbols, cable pin-outs and various spreadsheets available for download. But you need an account and you have to be logged in!

This sample course includes real lessons from the following courses:

  • Introduction to Fire Alarm
  • Reading Architectural Drawings
  • Field Drafting and As-Builts
  • Installing Electrical Boxes
  • Intro to Wire
  • Terminating Wire
  • Addressing Devices
  • Installing Sprinkler Devices
  • Installing Notification Appliances

Just like our paid courses, you will have to proceed through each module in order and watch the videos to completion.

Estimated duration if you want to go through all the modules is approximately 45 minutes.

There is no cost for this sample course, but you do have to sign up.




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