Product Partners

It would be hard to develop our training courses without the generous support of several manufacturers. Many of them sent us product to use in our courses before we even had anything published. We are especially grateful for their vote of confidence and are proud to feature their products in our training videos.

This is a small sampling of the manufacturers serving our industry. You will see other brands represented in our courses even though they didn't send us free product.

We're not trying to pick winners and losers or say that one brand is better than another. There are many great products available. The purpose of this page is to acknowledge the contribution of companies who have helped us out.

If you represent a manufacturer and think your products might be a good fit for our training, feel free to reach out. We'd love to chat. However, please note that we don't do product reviews or product-specific training. Our focus is on teaching skills that are broadly useful across a range of brands.