Get your employees up to speed in days rather than months

  • Your students have immediate access to all included courses.
  • Assign courses that are high priority and a green ASSIGNED label will appear on the student's course dashboard.
  • Track your students' progress.
  • View final exam grades.
  • Promote students to team leaders so they can help manage your team.

Flexible licenses put you in control

  • The clock doesn't start running on a license until it gets assigned to a student.
  • You can order licenses when it fits your budget and save them until you hire a new tech without them expiring.
  • Each license is valid for one student.
  • Easily add more licenses as your team grows.
  • Purchase a license for yourself if you'd like to go through the same training as your team.

Help your students get the most out of their training

  • Have your students practice what they learn.
  • When they're ready, have them demonstrate their new skills in a training room or out on a job.
  • Give them feedback and coach them on the finer points.