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Introduction to Fire Alarm

This course introduces the basics of fire alarm systems. After completing this course, you should understand:

  • How fire alarm systems work
  • Different types of fire alarm circuits
  • Differences between conventional and addressable fire alarm systems
  • How to properly supervise fire alarm circuit wiring
  • Different types of rules and how they come into force
  • Various career paths in the fire alarm industry

Note that examples shown in the training videos frequently show real products encompassing an array of manufacturers. However, this training is not specific to any particular brand of equipment. These lessons are broadly applicable to all fire alarm systems.

For this course, we would like to thank the following manufacturers for lending or donating products:

  • Fluke
  • Kidde
  • Wheelock

Estimated time to complete course: 1 hour.

This course qualifies as 1 CPD point.

This course is available as part of the Fire Alarm 101 bundle.

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