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Installing Surge Suppressors

In this course, students will learn when and how to install surge suppressors (AKA surge arrestors or surge protectors). After completing this course, students should understand:

  • Surge suppression for phone lines
  • Surge suppression for conductors running between buildings (including SLC, IDC, NAC and power)
  • Surge suppression for 110 VAC
  • Maximum resistance to ground
  • Minimum wire length to the protected equipment

For this course, we would like to thank the following manufacturers for lending or donating products:

  • EST
  • Kidde
  • Wheelock
  • Windy City Wire

Estimated time to complete course: 20 minutes.

This course qualifies as 0.33 CPD points.

This course is available as part of the Fire Alarm 101 bundle.

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